How to Study Ethics & Communication IPCC just before CA IPCC Exam

How to Study Ethics & Communication IPCC just before CA IPCC Exam

Hello everyone. I am Pooja Sharma, a CA Final Student. I scored 64 Marks in CA IPCC Law Paper in May 2013 Attempt.

And I am here to tell you that “Ethics & Communication” is the key to pass CA IPCC Law Exam. And I will be sharing my experience on I took online coaching for Law from AOC. Initially I found the subject interesting since the way of teaching by the teacher was really good.

But later I realized that the classes were not that helpful because of these 5 reasons-

  1. I was the only student there to take those online classes
  2. The duration of class for 3 long hours made it monotonous
  3. I literally used to sleep sometime
  4. I took the classes very early (in the starting itself) and because of this I didn’t revise as I was convinced that this subject is complete and I don’t have to study it.
  5. There was no supervision on me from the teacher’s side, so I didn’t take classes that seriously.

I really want all of you not to commit such mistakes. Because I committed them and had to face the consequences in the end. But the best part was that I realized my mistake soon and prepared a strategy because I wanted to clear CA IPCC in my First attempt. So guys beware and don’t repeat the mistake that I have committed.

Particularly in this article I will discuss How to Study Ethics & Communication IPCC to pass the Law Paper. Ethics & communication carries 40 Marks and is the easiest in whole CA IPCC Law Paper.



  1. Divide Ethics & Communication in Blocks and prepare accordingly

Firstly I divided the syllabus of Ethics & Communication in Blocks. And this helped me to get the overview of the syllabus and this saved from me the switching on the Panic Mode. So my advice to all of you is that divide the syllabus into blocks.

Blocks for Ethics

Block 1

  • Principles of Business Ethics
  • Environment & Ethics
  • Corporate Governance & CSR

Block 2

  • Workplace Ethics
  • Ethics in Marketing & Consumer Protection
  • Ethics in Accounting & Finance

Blocks for Communication

Block 1

  • Essentials of Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Group Dynamics

Block 2

  • Communication in Business Environment
  • Communication Corporate Culture, change & innovative spirits
  • Communication Ethics

Make sure you are studying the Legal Deeds, Minutes etc miscellaneous topics only after covering the whole syllabus Ethics & Communication.

  1. Study the Summarized Notes

Guys I am assuming here that you have made the short summary notes. So don’t go through the whole book of yours. Only refer the summary notes. Because summary notes will save a lot of your time. And you can easily move towards the Company Law & Business Law.

  1. Read the 5 Past Year Question Papers

Make sure you are going through the past year question papers. Because you will get to know that what kind of questions are being asked in the exam. And moreover you will get to know the trend of the questions.

  1. Don’t forget to cover the RTP (Revision Test Paper)

Revision test papers are very important. Make sure you are referring past 3 Year RTPs and if not learning them by heart, but at least giving a reading to the questions and answers. 10-15 % paper comes from RTP. Obviously you cannot expect the same question from RTP but yes the topic may be more or less the same.

  1. Make Charts & be more presentable

Okay, while you were studying Ethics & Communication from the summarized notes then if you will make the charts of important topics side by side, it will help you in 2 ways- firstly you can retain the that important topic effectively, secondly, you can use those same charts while writing you answer in the examination hall. Trust me charts will make you answer sheet look more presentable, neat & clean.

I hope all your doubts are clear now by this time on “How to Study Ethics & Communication IPCC”. And if you have any related to How to Study Ethics & Communication IPCC.

By Pooja Sharma

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